Our Generators are offered in two models (Model B and Model C) and 8 different capacities. B Series Generators are geared towards providing the strongest airflow while maintaining cold temperature. C Series Generators are geared towards proving the coldest possible temperature while reducing some airflow. Generator capacities of 2 CFM, 4 CFM, and 8 CFM are compatible with our small vortex tube, while generator capacities of 10 CFM, 15 CFM 25 CFM, 30 CFM, and 40 CFM are compatible with our medium vortex tube. Purchasing additional generators is the ideal way to change cooling capacities on the go.

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B Series – Maximum BTU, C Series – Maximum Cold Temperature


2 SCFM Small Generator, 4 SCFM Small Generator, 6 SCFM Small Generator, 8 SCFM Small Generator, 10 SCFM Medium Generator, 15 SCFM Medium Generator, 25 SCFM Medium Generator, 30 SCFM Medium Generator, 40 SCFM Medium Generator, 50 SCFM Large Generator, 75 SCFM Large Generator, 100 SCFM Large Generator, 150 SCFM Large Generator


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