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Supreme Air Products Cold Air Guns are a cost effective, reliable and safe method to cool drill bits, end mills, saw blades and other tools. Our Cold Air Gun is a compact pneumatic product designed to separate regular compressed air into cold and hot air streams. Cold Air Guns are powered entirely by compressed air, eliminating the need for dangerous coolants. With cooling capacities of up to 2100 BTUs, Supreme Air Products Cold Air Gun provide the perfect solution for quick and effective cooling in numerous industrial applications.


Cold Air Guns are offered with 15 CFM of cooling volume, suitable for regular applications, or 30 CFM of cooling volume, suitable for heavy duty applications. These options make Supreme Air Products Cold Air Guns ideal for most industrial shops and tool handling facilities.



Sound level

Air Consumption

Air Inlet


Stainless Steel

Under 72dBA

15 SCFM (425 SLPM)

1/4″ NPT


Stainless Steel

Under 83dBA

30 SCFM (850 SLPM)

1/4″ NPT

How does a Cold Air Guns work?

(A) Compressed air enters the Cold Air Gun through a standard NPT inlet. The Cold Air Gun is powered by a vortex tube.

(B) The vortex tube separates the compressed air into cold and hot air streams.

(C) The hot air stream travels through a muffler to reduce noise levels and is exhausted into the atmosphere.

(D) The cold air stream travels through the cold end muffler and into a ridged hose, which is flexible and easy to point in any direction.

All Supreme Air Products Corp Cold Air Guns are made of stainless steel construction, which ensures durability. They include a magnetic base, which makes installation quick and simple. We offer 3 options: Unit only, Standard kit including single point hose, as well as a deluxe kit including dual point hose.

Cold Air Guns provide a variety of benefits, some of which include:

  • Eliminate the need for dangerous coolants
  • Extend the life of drills, endmills, cutters, grinders, and saw blades
  • Cooling volumes of 15 CFM or 30 CFM
  • Easy installation with a magnetic base and minimal maintenance required
  • Quiet, durable, and compact in size


Use and Selection of your Cold Air Gun:

The Single Point Cold Air Guns should be used where a concentrated airflow is needed such as in grinding & drilling. The Dual Point versions are typically used in applications where the heat is generated over a large surface area such as in milling, sawing, chill rolls, or application of hot melt adhesives.

Controlling the Cold Air:

The SUPREME AIR PRODUCTS Cold Air Gun System provides instant cold air! A solenoid valve (Model SV00-1) is an excellent way to turn the compressed air supply to the Cold Gun system on-off as it is needed, which in turn conserves compressed air usage. A Manual Shutoff Valve (Model SVC014-1) can also be used to cycle on and off.

The Compressed Air Supply:

The Cold Air Gun System is engineered to use a compressed air supply of 80-100 PSIG (5.5 to 6.9 BAR). If lower input pressures are given, both temperature drop and flow will be reduced. A clean dry source of compressed air is imperative in the operation of the SUPREME AIR PRODUCTS Vortex Tube Cold Air Gun.

Cold Air Gun Specifications
Model No. Pressure Supply Air Consumption Noise
Regular Cold Air Gun CAG15S, CAG15D 100 6.9 15 425 72
Supreme Cold Air Gun CAG30S, CAG30D 100 6.9 30 850 83


Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions relating to our Cold Air Gun System. If you need additional help with your application and/or can’t find an answer to your question, please call our factory at 1-289-236-2001 or email an Application Engineer at [email protected].

1. What is the difference between the Regular and Advanced Cold Air Guns?

The Advanced Cold Air Gun has twice the cooling capacity of the Regular Cold Air Gun – cabinet cooling the part in less time. Both coolers are constructed of Stainless Steel (Type 303) and are available with dual-point or single-point flexible hose kits.

2. What’s the difference between the Vortex Tube and Cold Air Gun?

The Cold Air Gun has a fixed maximum flow capacity which cannot be adjusted. The control valve on the Vortex Tube within the Cold Air Gun has been replaced with a preset orifice which allows the Vortex Tube to produce the absolute highest cooling capacity available. In addition, the SUPREME AIR PRODUCTS™ Cold Air Gun also incorporates a cold end muffler, allows for a flexible hose kit, and includes a magnetic base for quick n’ easy mounting.


Applications coming soon.




Regular Cold Air Gun: 15 SCFM – Unit Only

Regular Cold Air Gun: 30 SCFM – Unit /w Single Point Hose Kit

Regular Cold Air Gun: 30 SCFM – Unit /w Dual Point Hose Kit

Supreme Cold Air Gun: 30 SCFM – Unit Only

Supreme Cold Air Gun: 30 SCFM – Unit /w Single Point Hose Kit

Supreme Cold Air Gun: 30 SCFM – Unit /w Dual Point Hose Kit



Cold Air Gun incorporates vortex tube technology with a muffler to produce cold air ideal for tool and spot cooling. Cold air machining eliminates harmful coolant odors and heat-related metal expansion while improving tool life. Improve tolerances and surface finish with coolant free machining. Comes with a magnetic base which makes install very simple.


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