Vacuums/Conveying Applications 

Conveying Bottle Caps

A stainless steel 1-1/2″ Air Conveyor is used to convey plastic bottle caps to the hopper. Previously, the caps were loaded manually, which was an inefficient use of manpower. The installation of a completely automatic loading system was deemed unnecessary and too costly for the particular process.

Fluid Transfer

Reversible Drum Storm is able to deliver liquid-filled drums to the point of use and fill the machines directly from the drum, eliminating the possibility of spillage onto the ground.

Cleaning Playland Balls

Fast food restaurants and fun centers often include a cage full of plastic balls for the kids to romp around in. The balls were periodically cleaned by a service using truck mounted sanitizing equipment. Service personnel would scoop the balls into nets, carry them to the truck for washing, then lug them back to the cage - a tedious and time consuming job.

Transporting Pills

The 3″ Air Wipe System is used to blow-off excess water from an extruded plastic profile. The split design unlatches easily to eliminate tedious threading. The circular flow of air from the air wipe gives a forceful, even flow that circles the extruded profile, completely removing water/dirt/etc.

Vacuums/Conveying Products 

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