Cooling/Heating Application 

Cooling Pharmaceutical Panels

Pharmaceutical Control Cabinets can easily become overheated in the summertime, which could shut down pharmaceutical processing lines. By removing the heat problem within the control panel with a Cabinet Panel Cooler, thousands of dollars can be saved by reducing the cost of downtime and maintenance.

Cooling Cookies

Two (2) Stainless Steel Vortex Tubes are mounted in a plastic enclosure to provide a clean, dry source of cold air to cool freshly baked cookies.

CNC Machine Panel Coolers

CNC Machine control panels can constantly overheat, especially as the ambient temperatures rise. Install a Cabinet Panel Cooler and connect the air supply into the operation of the machine, so the cooler will only operate when the machine is on.

Cooling an Ultrasonic weld

A manufacturer of toothpaste seals the ends of plastic tubes with an ultrasonic welder prior to filling. As heat built up at the sealing jaw of the welder, release of the tubes was delayed. Tubes that were too hot would not seal resulting in a high rate of rejection.

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