Blow-Off Application 

Blow-Off Bottling Application

Regular Air Knives are used to blow-off liquid from 1 Litre soda bottles. With the elimination of water, the labels are now able to properly adhere. Before installation of the Air Knives, customer estimated they wasted 3 – 5% of their labels. At thousands of bottles per day, this cost can quickly add up.

Blow-Off Car Bodies

A group of Advanced Air Knives blow-off any contaminants prior to final paint process as car bodies move down the assembly line. There are no interruptions or “dead spots”. This means that all surfaces are dry and clean.

Chip/Scrap Removal

Air Nozzle at a 25:1 air amplification ratio easily provides the cleaning power for a standard factory air gun! In addition, it meets OSHA requirements for noise limits and dead-end pressure.

Blow-Off Extruded Profiles

The 3″ Air Wipe System is used to blow-off excess water from an extruded plastic profile. The split design unlatches easily to eliminate tedious threading. The circular flow of air from the air wipe gives a forceful, even flow that circles the extruded profile, completely removing water/dirt/etc.

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