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How is heat transferred?

How is heat transferred? Heat transfers through solid materials (conduction), liquids and gases (convection), and electromagnetic waves (radiation). Heat usually transmits in a combination of three types of heat transfers and seldomly occurs independently. Heat transfers engage in a wide range of functions, from heating and cooling to leading thermal physics. Whenever there’s a temperature […]

What is a venturi vacuum

What is a venturi vacuum?

What is a Venturi vacuum? Air-driven Venturi vacuum generators are an advantageous option for fast-response and localized powered vacuum systems. During the last decade, they became convenient and flexible solutions for users worldwide. Meanwhile, many users remain misinformed. They don’t fully understand the benefits of this product nor its purposes. Several manufacturers call them different […]

What is the venturi effect?

What is the Venturi effect

What is the Venturi effect?   The Venturi effect reduces fluid pressure when fluid enters a constricted area within a pipe. When a fluid flows through a confined area, the liquid’s velocity increases, and the pressure decreases, per Bernoulli’s principle. Fluid circulates from left to right at a constant paste. To maintain its charismatic flow, […]

What is laminar flow

What is Laminar Flow?

What is Laminar Flow? Laminar flow is particles within a fluid that travel in a parallel line. Every layer of particles moves smoothly without disruption between one another. In a laminar flow, the fluid experience does not swirl nor eddies from its primary path. The particles remain close to a solid surface, moving in a […]

Cooling overheated tools with a Cold Air Gun

Cooling overheated tools with a Cold Air Gun If you use high-powered machinery to drill, cut, grind, melt, and more – you know that the tools of the trade can become hotter than the depths of Hades. When machinery or tools become that hot, the risk of premature wear and breaking rises. One of the […]

How to protect electrical systems with temperature control

How to protect electrical systems with temperature control When the heat rises, the environment can be deadly for costly electrical panels. The stories we hear of customers losing their valuable electrical systems due to overheating are tragic – and unfortunately, all-too-common. For electrical panels or internal electrical components, here’s a quick rule of thumb: each […]

Save your pipes and pocket book with Air wipes

Save your pipes and pocket book with Air wipes One of the most difficult parts of keeping your industry running at a thriving, healthy pace is ensuring that valuable pipes and wires remain clean, dry and cool. When not properly cleaned and dried prior to storing, unwanted rust forms costing you time and money. An […]

Cooling Off with the Power of Air

Cooling Off with the Power of Air If you work around heavy-duty cooling systems every day, you may not have any clue as to how these machines maintain the ability to stay so cold. In fact, all that you may care about is that they keep cool without fail! However, knowing the ins and outs […]